Media Bias Fuels Political Violence in America. Can We Change?

Media bias contributes to hateful division. We must change this to heal our divide.

Google News is Heavily Biased — But It’s Not Rigged

An extensive report by AllSides reveals Google News is biased against conservatives, but there is no evidence that Google News bias is intentionally rigged.

The U.S. Is Soliciting Feedback on the Military Draft. Here’s Why It Should Be Abolished

Is it moral to force people to go to war? Most Americans say no. In fact, over 25,000 of them have signed the Care2 petition I started, urging Congress to drop their debate… Continue reading

Why Dating Sites Like Bumble Shouldn’t Ban Gun Images

Dating site Bumble announced Monday that it will ban images of guns in users’ profile pictures, unless the users are in the military or shoot competitively. The move comes in the aftermath of… Continue reading

A Guide to Approaching Women On the Street

Updated 2018 Our society is having a hard time defining the word “harassment.” Many feminists have told me that they don’t want men to talk to them on the street,  not once, ever.… Continue reading

Did Texas Really Rule Upskirt Photos Are Legal?

You may have read media hysteria last week saying Texas ruled upskirt photos are legal. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned while working in the media industry, it’s that writers will often favor snappy… Continue reading

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Would Increase, Not Limit, Choice

A colleague of mine at Care2 recently wrote over-the-counter birth control is “doomed to fail” because of what happened with emergency contraception. Even after the FDA made emergency contraception OTC, she writes, there were barriers… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the ‘Selfies-Make-You-Appear-Incompetent’ Study

There’s a study making the rounds that finds women perceive other ladies who post “sexy selfies” on social media to be “incompetent.” The takeaway for many is that women should just stop posting selfies — but that’s bullshit. This… Continue reading

Takeaway from Hobby Lobby Case? Make Birth Control Available Over the Counter

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case perfectly illustrates the conundrums we run into in a state-run society. When it comes to contraceptives, we need to get government and employers out of it —… Continue reading

Will Legislating Consent Prevent Rape?

Will enshrining the definition of consent in law help victims of rape and sexual assault? Probably not. I’ve written a new guest post over at Cathy Reisenwitz‘s site, Sex and the State, exploring this… Continue reading