Beyond Left vs Right: 14 Types of Ideological Bias

Note: This piece originally appeared on Authoritarianism versus libertarianism, nationalism versus globalism, traditionalism versus progressivism — ideological bias in politics (and beyond) is no longer just about left versus right. Sometimes people… Continue reading

Media Bias Watch: Bias by Photo

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Introducing the AllSides Media Bias Chart

Introducing the 2019 AllSides Media Bias Chart, an easy way for you to identify political bias in the news so you can be better equipped to navigate our increasingly polarized media landscape. I’m… Continue reading

Is Gillette’s New Ad Biased Against Men, or Championing Needed Social Change?

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Media Bias Fuels Political Violence in America. Can We Change?

Media bias contributes to hateful division. We must change this to heal our divide.

Google News is Heavily Biased

An extensive report by AllSides reveals Google News is biased against conservatives, but there is no evidence that Google News bias is intentionally rigged.

Why Dating Sites Like Bumble Shouldn’t Ban Gun Images

Dating site Bumble announced Monday that it will ban images of guns in users’ profile pictures, unless the users are in the military or shoot competitively. The move comes in the aftermath of… Continue reading

A Guide to Approaching Women On the Street

Updated 2018 Our society is having a hard time defining the word “harassment.” Many feminists have told me that they don’t want men to talk to them on the street,  not once, ever.… Continue reading

Why The Government Shouldn’t Regulate Photoshopping

Women’s representation in media matters. Study after study has linked narrow beauty standards with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and general body-hatred among women. Women are tired of seeing themselves portrayed in a narrow way — light-skinned, thin,… Continue reading