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I am an experienced writer, editor, marketing professional, company spokesperson, and PR representative. My work typically involves:

  • writing and editing op-eds, blog posts, press releases, email newsletters, and social media copy.
  • pitching, coordinating and providing media interviews, crafting quotes and helping to prep top executives for media appearances.
  • creating high-quality content to drive traffic and awareness for a variety of online brands.

Below is a list of original writing by me as well as places I have been quoted. Please contact me for clips I’ve secured on behalf of clients, including ghostwriting under the bylines of CEOs and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!


AllSides Media Bias Chart — I conducted research for this chart, created the graphic, and wrote the FAQ. I do repeated PR and marketing pushes to promote this content.

How to Spot 11 Types of Media Bias, AllSides, Sept. 2019


The Dark Ages of the Internet or a Digital Enlightenment: Is Democracy in Danger in the Information Age?, OECD, Oct. 2019

Media Bias Alert: Hate Hoaxes and Media Ethics, Oct. 2019

Updated Media Bias Ratings: AP, The Epoch Times, Yahoo! News, and More, Sept. 2019

Media Bias Alert: New York Times and Fox News Reveal Divide on Electoral College, AllSides, Aug. 2019

Audit: Google Heavily Favors CNN and Left Media In Mass Shooting Coverage, AllSides, Aug. 2019

President Trump Tweets About Media Bias in Wake of Mass Shootings, AllSides, Aug. 2019

Second Democratic Debate Reveals CNN Media Bias, AllSides, Aug. 2019

Trump Tweets Reveal Left and Right Define “Racist” Very Differently, AllSides, July 2019

How a Hijab-Wearing Muslim and a MAGA-Hat Wearing Conservative Formed a Friendship, AllSides, July 2019

Media Bias Revealed in Coverage of Violent Portland Rally, AllSides, July 2019

We Polled Our Twitter Followers During the Democratic Debates. Here’s What They Think of Student Debt, Healthcare and More, AllSides, June 2019

Project Veritas Story on Google Bias Reveals Left/Right Divide, AllSides, June 2019

‘Radicalized’ YouTuber Article Shows A New York Times Threatened By Conservative Competition, The Federalist, June 14, 2019

Audit Finds Evidence of Google’s Bias Toward These Media Outlets, AllSides, June 2019

Is CNN Fake News?, AllSides, May 2019

Fake News Dictionary Definition, AllSides Red Blue Dictionary, April 2019

Easter Worshippers or Christians? Obama, Clinton, and Other Democrats Accused of Bias, AllSides, April 2019

“Offense Archaeology”: How Digging Up Past Sins Became a Political Weapon for the Left and the Right, AllSides, March 2019

Left and Right Bias on Display in Economic Report, AllSides, March 2019

Hate Crimes are Either Rare or Common, Depending on Your Bias, AllSides, February 2019

Updated Media Bias Chart: Version 1.1, AllSides, February 2019

Introducing the AllSides Media Bias Chart, AllSides, January 2019

Is Gillette’s New Ad Biased Against Men, or Championing Needed Social Change?, AllSides, January 2019

[Video] What is AllSides?, YouTube, January 2019

[Video] How AllSides Rates Media Bias, YouTube, January 2019

Prominent Patreon Creators Leave Site Over Political Bias. Should Big Tech Uphold Free Speech?, AllSides, December 2018

Podcast: The Media Outlets with the Most Surprising Biases, AllSides, December 2018

Google News is Heavily Biased, but It’s Not Rigged, Washington Examiner, Sept. 2018

Bias By Omission: Why AllSides Can’t Always Cover All Sides,, Aug. 2018

Fact Check: Is Trump’s Star Being Removed from the Walk of Fame?,, Aug. 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: How Political Bias Fools Us,, June 2018

Below: a non-exhaustive list of media outlets that feature me acting as spokesperson on behalf of Care2 petition campaigns. I have since left this role.





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[Quote] Cannabis Crimes Go Off the Record, SF Weekly, Feb. 2018

[Quote] Petition Demands DNA Kit Companies Keep Genetic Data Private, New York Post

[Interview] Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Apple Doesn’t Open Up Face ID to Cops, The Inquirer, Nov. 2017

[Interview] Should the registration of a military draft be mandatory for women?, NPR LA, July 2017

[Interview] Company Spotlight: Care2, 880lb Marketing, July 2017

[Quote] Online Freedom of Speech May Be in Peril: Pew, TechNewsWorld, March 2017

[Video Interview] Artists Petition Bay Area Leaders for Help Preventing Evictions, CBS San Francisco, Dec. 2016

[Video Interview] 10,000 urge SF officials to halt inspections after Oakland fire, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 2016

[Quote] Left Divided Over Women Registering for the Draft, The Hill, May 2015

[Quote] Petition to End Draft So Women Won’t Have to Register Gathers 11k Signatures, The Hill, May 2015

[Quote] Kesha Supporters to March on Sony’s NYC Headquarters Friday, The Wrap, March 2016


A Guide to Approaching Women on the Street, Stop Street Harassment, Oct. 2014

The Business of Birth: How the State Squashed Midwifery, Association of Libertarian Feminists, Summer 2014 Newsletter

[Quote] The Psychology of Selfies, Times Union, Nov. 2013


My ghostwriting has appeared in outlets such as The Hill, Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, Inside Higher Ed, and others. I have ghostwritten op-eds for CEOs, nonprofit leaders, technology professionals, and entrepreneurs. I also ghostwrote ebooks, video and webinar scripts, blog posts, whitepapers and more. Please contact me for clips or more information!


I’ve written more than 100 blog posts for Come Recommended. Samples below.

Organizing the Student Job Search: 5 Strategies, Come Recommended, June 2013

Recent Grads in Unpaid Internships: Should You Stress?, The Savvy Intern, Oct. 2012

How to Talk to Your Boss About Working From Home, Come Recommended, Aug. 2012

For College Students With Unpaid Internships, Flexible Jobs Key, Come Recommended, Aug. 2012


Are Campus Computer Labs a Thing of the Past?, USA Today College, June 2011

Universities Get Creative With Prospective Student Tours, USA Today College, June 2011

Colleges Working to Ease the Stress of Move-In Day, USA Today College, Aug. 2011