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I write for The Mystic Sisters, my joint Substack with my twin sister Amy, as well as for AllSides and Evie Magazine.

For AllSides, I write detailed analysis of media bias in news publications for both the public and private clients.


AllSides Media Bias Chart™ — I created and regularly update this viral graphic, which has earned tens of millions of impressions (and recognition from Elon Musk). I lead a team conducting repeated research on media bias, write bias summaries for the public and news media clients, and lead PR and marketing efforts to promote AllSides Media Bias Ratings™.

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A Guide to Approaching Women on the Street, Stop Street Harassment, Oct. 2014

The Business of Birth: How the State Squashed Midwifery, Association of Libertarian Feminists, Summer 2014 Newsletter


My ghostwriting has appeared in outlets such as The Hill, Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, Inside Higher Ed, and others. I have ghostwritten op-eds for CEOs, nonprofit leaders, technology professionals, and entrepreneurs. I also ghostwrote ebooks, video and webinar scripts, blog posts, whitepapers and more. Please contact me for clips or more information!


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