Right to Petition with Julie Mastrine – The Bird Years Interview

I was recently interviewed by Chris DeRosa of The Bird Years blog about my foray into activism, how to use petitions to create change, and what Care2.com is all about. Check out my… Continue reading

Watch Me Talk About Using Facebook for Activism on this Care2 Webinar

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be huge for getting attention on your petition campaigns. But what are the best practices for using these platforms for activism? In today’s Care2 webinar, “Why Is No… Continue reading

Tell Apple: Don’t Allow Police to Remotely Disable iPhone Cameras

Imagine: you’re walking down the street when you see police officers slamming a woman to the ground. They’re exhibiting a shocking use of force — one officers pushes her face into the ground.… Continue reading

Dancing on the Flames

Tell Congress: Don’t Force Women to Register for the Draft, Dump the Draft Entirely

The House Armed Services Committee just passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would authorize the President to require women to sign up for the military draft. Right now, every… Continue reading

La Cena Celestial

Paper collage by Julie Mastrine

Fighting Rape Culture: Care2 Protests Cosby

On May 2, I represented Care2 at a protest of Bill Cosby’s performance in Atlanta. It was an absolutely thrilling, empowering, heartbreaking, surreal and exhausting month/weekend organizing and promoting the protest! Nearly 50 women… Continue reading

A Starry Embrace

Paper collage by Julie Mastrine

Through Time

“Through Time,” paper collage by Julie Mastrine

Above It All

“Above It All,” paper collage by Julie Mastrine

The Surveillance State

”Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

The View Ahead

I’ve been collaging since I was an 11-year-old who decided to finally make use of the stack of old YM, Jane, and Seventeen magazines piling up in my bedroom. I love the process of breathing life into old images, creating… Continue reading

A Guide to Approaching Women On the Street

When I first became a social media volunteer for Stop Street Harassment, curating the Twitter and Facebook feeds for the nonprofit was tricky — I could find very few articles, blog posts, or tweets on the matter. Fast forward… Continue reading

Did Texas Really Rule Upskirt Photos Are Legal?

You may have read media hysteria last week saying Texas ruled upskirt photos are legal. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned while working in the media industry, it’s that writers will often favor snappy… Continue reading

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Would Increase, Not Limit, Choice

A colleague of mine at Care2 recently wrote over-the-counter birth control is “doomed to fail” because of what happened with emergency contraception. Even after the FDA made emergency contraception OTC, she writes, there were barriers… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the ‘Selfies-Make-You-Appear-Incompetent’ Study

There’s a study making the rounds that finds women perceive other ladies who post “sexy selfies” on social media to be “incompetent.” The takeaway for many is that women should just stop posting selfies — but that’s bullshit. This… Continue reading

Takeaway from Hobby Lobby Case? Make Birth Control Available Over the Counter

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case perfectly illustrates the conundrums we run into in a state-run society. When it comes to contraceptives, we need to get government and employers out of it —… Continue reading

Will Legislating Consent Prevent Rape?

Will enshrining the definition of consent in law help victims of rape and sexual assault? Probably not. I’ve written a new guest post over at Cathy Reisenwitz‘s site, Sex and the State, exploring this… Continue reading

Crowdfunding For All? How WePay Discriminates Against Sex Workers

Technology has opened up a world of opportunity for people struggling in a downtrodden economy. Online crowdfunding gives people freedom to fund projects they care about or simply pay their rent. But sex workers… Continue reading

Why The Government Shouldn’t Regulate Photoshopping

Women’s representation in media matters. Study after study has linked narrow beauty standards with low self-esteem, eating disorders, and general body-hatred among women. Women are tired of seeing themselves portrayed in a narrow way — light-skinned, thin,… Continue reading

Tell Snickers to Remove Its Street Harassment Ad

It’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week — but unfortunately, not all companies have gotten the memo that street harassment isn’t okay.  The post below originally appeared on Stop Street Harassment. Sign the petition telling… Continue reading

ClickBait Isn’t All Evil: Here’s Why

Is clickbait nothing but evil profit-driven blitheness, or does short-form journalism ever serve a more intellectual purpose — or at the very least, call attention to a pressing and often tragic civil rights… Continue reading


Sueño, Collage by Julie Mastrine, 2013

Listen Up, Libertarians: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Slut-Shame

Lately, I’ve been reading up on Libertarianism. I thank my wonderful best friend and her boyfriend for helping me to explore these concepts. I’m drawn to the ideology’s respect for civil liberties, the… Continue reading


Stargirl, Collage by Julie Mastrine, 2013