Tell Congress: Don’t Force Women to Register for the Draft, Dump the Draft Entirely

The House Armed Services Committee just passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would authorize the President to require women to sign up for the military draft.

Right now, every man has to register for the Selective Service at age 18, and they can be drafted for war until they reach age 26. Not so for women. While this is unfair and sexist — women should be allowed to serve in combat roles just as men are — it is immoral to force people to go to war, no matter their sex.

Please sign my Care2 petition to tell Congress: Don’t force women to register for the draft, dump the draft entirely!

While this amendment may make things equal, bodily autonomy should be taken into account and military service should be based on choice. Our bodies are not communal property, and we should never be compelled to fight in a war we may disagree with.

My Care2 petition has been featured in The Hill:

“In a press release about the petition, Mastrine rejected the argument that a draft would [cause] Americans to think twice before going to war.

“It’s become very clear that Congress votes in the interest of defense contractors and other moneyed interests, not U.S. citizens, when making decisions to go to war,” she said.”

In a blog post on “Practical Nomad,” I explain how my grandfather’s experience with the draft during World War II.

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