A Quick And Exciting Life Update!

So, I’m super, super excited to announce I’ve accepted a job at Care2 as the Activism Marketing and Social Media Manager! That means my kitten and I will be packing up, embarking on a long road trip, and settling down in the San Francisco Bay Area in about a month. I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve been yearning for a job in nonprofit/social activism work for years, so this is truly going to be a positive career and life move for me. Image

Still, the move feels bittersweet, because my twin sister, best friends, and boyfriend will be staying in Pennsylvania (though many of them have committed to job searching out there with hopes to join me within the next few months! All job leads are appreciated.)

If anyone has any tips or tricks for living in the Bay Area, or if you live there and want to be friends (lol, I don’t know anyone!), get in touch with me! I’m super excited to start a job with an absolutely amazing company doing great things. Their values completely align with my own. Of course, I’m nervous to explore a new part of the country (this is coming from a lady who’s only ever been on a plane once — twice if you count the return trip — and has only visited four states aside from my home state of PA — MD, DE, NJ and FL!)

So, I’d love if you could send positive energy/thoughts and good wishes my way. I could really use them as I make this exciting transition!