Starring Role

This photo shoot was a ton of fun! It was a collaborative effort between my twin Amy, our friend Steve, our roommate Maddie and myself. Photographers are credited in the caption, and much credit goes to Amy for coming up with the concept!

1382076_10152322467028448_1968189430_nPhoto by Julie Mastrine


Photo by Amy Mastrine

994591_10152322467018448_74418644_nPhoto by Julie Mastrine

1000622_10152322467293448_322300534_nPhoto by Amy Mastrine


Photo by Julie Mastrine

1385680_10152322468123448_2048200864_nPhoto by Amy Mastrine

1393818_10152322467903448_435504543_nPhoto by Amy Mastrine

1384372_10152322467598448_1185704972_nPhoto by Julie Mastrine

1377599_10152322468128448_388718664_nPhoto by Julie Mastrine

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