Update: Change.org Petition Has Nearly 20,000 Signers!

Wow — earlier this month, I created this Change.org petition on behalf of  Stop Street Harassment urging YouTube to remove the page of Simple Pickup, a small business that features three guys as they harass, sexualize and often downright grope women on the street — all in the name of “picking up girls.” The petition has really taken off — a whopping 17,271 supporters have signed on to tell YouTube this behavior isn’t okay.  channels4_banner

Simple Pickup’s channel is meant to be a guide for men who have trouble getting dates, but the videos showcase behavior that constitutes street harassment, which is insulting, scary, dangerous, and limits women’s access to public spaces. You can read more about it and see problematic portions of their videos in this blog post.

No word yet from YouTube, but if we gather enough supporters they may finally address our concerns. So keep sharing, and spread that word that street harassment is not funny — it’s human rights violation!