My Ebook is Available for Download!

It’s finally here! My new ebook, Make Your Own Sandwich: A 20-Something’s Musings on Living Under (And Smashing) The Patriarchy is now available for download on Thought Catalog. Click here to get your copy — just $3.99!

Anyone who’s tried to talk about feminist issues in mixed company has heard the same tired responses: “Make me a sandwich!” or “I’m not a feminist, but…” This book features a series of personal essays about how sex and gender politics have shaped my worldview. It covers common issues facing young women and LGBTQ folks today, like street harassment, body-hatred, the decision to wear makeup, harmful messages in pop culture, and the politics of the selfie. I hope to give readers a way to dissect the flawed attitudes and societal structures facing them so that may emerge with a sense of empowerment through all the muck.

This is a big exciting moment for me, so I hope you’ll read, enjoy, and give feedback!