Stopping Street Harassment, One Flier At A Time


By: Julie Mastrine, USA

Fighting street harassment doesn’t have to be difficult–sometimes it just takes bold font and a few sheets of paper.

Last October, I helped to organize a student sidewalk protest of street harassment here in State College, PA, home to Penn State University. I graduated from PSU in December, but as a social media volunteer for Stop Street Harassment, I still wanted a way to spread the anti-street harassment message on campus, particularly in light of April’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Transitioning away from student activism and into a full-time job has taken up a lot of my time, so I devised a way to get the message out quickly: bold fliers.

With the help of my twin sister Amy (a lady with killer InDesign skills), we created the fliers you see above. We wanted something fearless yet simple, something big and loud that would grab the attention of tired collegiate passerby. We wanted something that would truly stand out against the mass of fliers already cluttering bulletin boards on Penn State’s campus. Image

We came up with these simple designs, using clean fonts and bold colors to illustrate hurtful comments women often hear on the street. We made sure to couple them with fliers that spoke to our real message: “My body is not public space,” and “It’s not a compliment, it’s harassment.”

Creating fliers is perfect for spreading an anti-harassment message in the streets, in buildings, or even online. Fliers won’t hurt your wallet (just a few cents per print!) and offer an easy way to engage in anti-street harassment efforts even when you’re strapped for time.

Here’s to fliers, feminists, and a future free from harassment!

This post originally appeared on Stop Street Harassment’s blog. View the original post here.